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Anything made from 75% pure gold is already higher grade, so often you'll see exquisite extras with 18k solid gold jewelry including high-grade diamonds and jemstones, higher quality craftsmanship, enhanced details, etc, etc.

18 Karat Solid Gold Jewelry Specifications
18k gold jewelry is perhaps the most elegant of the gold karat alloys that is still widely available to the average consumer. Consisting of 75% pure gold, jewelry made from 18k gold has a beautiful lustre that can't be duplicated.

European countries and some other parts of the world mark 18k gold with the numbers "750", signifying the 75% gold content.

18 Karat Gold Specs:

Markings: 18K, 18KT, 18KP, 750, .750
Gold Content: 75.0% Pure Gold

* Check out our Calculator for current melt values of 18k solid gold jewelry.


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