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Solid 22k gold bangle braclets showing the warm smooth glow that exemplifies 22k gold jewelry.

22 Karat Solid Gold Jewelry Specifications
If you've never seen real 22 karat solid gold jewelry first-hand, it may surprise you as looking "too good to be real gold". But it is very real, and at 91.67% gold content, almost entirely made of pure gold. 22KT gold has a warm soft yellow look to it, and jewelry made from it actually feels softer than most other metal jewelry... due to the high gold content.

Most of the 22 karat gold in the United States is imported from other countries.

22 Karat Gold Specs:

Markings: 22K, 22KT, 22KP
Gold Content: 91.67% Pure Gold

* Check out our Calculator for current melt values of 22k solid gold jewelry.


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