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As a general rule, the smaller the gold nugget, the more pure the gold content. While not even gold nuggets are 24k pure gold, small ones can come pretty close, while larger nuggets run a greater chance of containing other minerals and impurities.

24 Karat Pure Gold Specifications
24 Karat gold, is at the top of the purity scale for karat gold, representing 100% pure gold. Unfortunately, gold is too soft to make jewelry without mixing in harder metals. And technically, there will always be minor impurities in the metal, meaning no gold will ever be 24 Karat pure gold (though many small natural gold nuggets come remarkably close.

So while you won't find 100% pure gold, and won't see any 24KT solid gold jewelry, at least you can be familiar with the term and know what it means.

For investment grade gold (coins & bullion), please refer to our specifications of 999 Fine Gold.

24 Karat Gold Specs:

Markings: N/A
Gold Content: 100% Pure Gold

* Check out our Calculator for current melt values of 24k pure gold.


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