How to Find More Gold Jewelry – Don’t Discount “Junk” Jewelry

The title of this article is somewhat vague so let’s just get right to it. If you want to find more solid gold jewelry, always take a second look at the junk jewelry… specifically pendants and bracelet/necklace clasps.

Solid Gold Pendants

Funny enough, quite a few people will take a beautiful, solid gold pendant and put it on a really cheap (sometimes even junky) necklace. When browsing the local thrift stores for gold jewelry, more than once I’ve found nice gold pendants on cheap chains and necklaces. More than once! And each time I find one, I almost miss it! Why? I’m automatically filtering out the cheap/fake jewelry and never take much notice of the pendants (unless the necklace catches my eye first). Not many people do take notice of pendants on cheap necklaces (or charms on cheap charm bracelets for that matter). I think we automatically assume that junky pendants will be on junky necklaces.

Well, let’s stop assuming because if we do, we’re leaving gold behind! Next time you run across junk jewelry at a thrift store, yard sale, flea market, etc, make sure to check the pendants and charms even if they’re on cheap jewelry. If you make this a habit, I guarantee your solid gold finds will increase.

Clasps on Bracelets & Necklaces

Another way I increase the amount of solid gold I personally find every year is by making a point of checking the clasps on bracelets and necklaces. Make a special point of checking (real) pearl necklaces and bracelets as I’ve found countless 14k solid gold clasps with real pearls. Sure, the clasp doesn’t have much gold, but it is real gold, it is out there waiting to be found, and it is usually on the types of jewelry that you can buy for cheap.

Plus, most people miss this sort of thing… meaning that you’ll be able to find more gold because you’ve got the edge and know what to look for when everyone else leaves money on the table.

Note: To tell if the pearls are real or not, rub one across your teeth. Real pearls feel gritty like sandpaper while fake pearls feel slick and smooth like glass or plastic.