Is it Profitable to Sell Scrap Gold Jewelry on eBay?

This is a question that is often asked, and for good reason.  Many of us who buy and sell scrap gold jewelry on a regular basis are always curious about different ways to maximize profits in order to get more money out of our hard-earned scrap gold.  Unfortunately, the question of whether or not to sell some (or all) of your scrap gold jewelry is not an easy question to answer.

The Short Answer
Yes, No, and It Depends.  Generally speaking, while it may be considered profitable to sell SCRAP gold on eBay (depending on your costs), for the most part it is not worthwhile to sell scrap gold on eBay for one simple reason: You can get as much or more money elsewhere without the risks and headaches.

Notice I used the phrase “scrap gold” twice in a single sentence above, and emphasized the word SCRAP.  This is for good reason, as the rule of thumb above applies mainly to scrap gold, busted and broken pieces of jewelry, dental gold, etc.  Aka, the potential buyers who are interested in these type of gold items are going to be other scrap gold buyers.  So the amount they’re willing to pay for your scrap gold will be limited to less than what a refiner would pay.  And that’s before you factor in the added costs of eBay’s selling fees, shipping/insurance, etc.

So in general, selling scrap gold on eBay can be profitable, but is not worth it when compared to other options.

On the other hand, it doesn’t take long dealing in gold jewelry to see that people sometimes sell really amazing pieces of gold for “scrap”.  If you’re a picker (and “urban treasure hunter”) like me, you may have even found a stunning piece of gold jewelry or three at a local thrift store or yard sale.
That being said, nice, functional, desirable gold jewelry can be sold profitably on eBay and even with the added fees and risk, can still be considered worthwhile.

This brings up another point though… if you’ve got gold jewelry that’s nice enough to sell on eBay, you can likely sell that same jewelry on for as much or more money, less fees, and seemingly less risk.  The advantage of eBay is that for the most part, you can avoid any insertion fees on new listings… So it doesn’t cost any money to “try” and sell some of your scrap jewelry on eBay.

In the end, the choice of whether or not to sell gold jewelry on eBay is up to you, and many gold buyers make the decision on a piece by piece basis.

Whatever you decide, keep your main goals in sight and you’ll figure out the right way to get there.

Happy scrapping!